Michel Jodoin                             Mistelle, Apple Liqueur, 20 Vol.-%


Made with McIntosh apples, this liqueur is obtained from a blend of our own apple eau-de-vie and fresh apple juice.


Tasting notes

A rich deep golden color, bright and lively. Generous and elegant notes of fine, fresh, ripen apples dominate both aroma and flavour. The palate is intense and unctuous, with a lingering sweet finish.


Serving Suggestions / Serviervorschlag

Discover this unique Québec’s apple liqueur. Serve cool or on the rocks as a digestif, but try it also as a special ingredient for cocktails and martinis. Versatile in the kitchen, the Mistelle adds an exquisite arome to ice cream, fruit desserts and cheese cake. Try it with a piece of dark chocolate or an old cheddar.


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