Cidrerie Michel Jodoin

Cidre makes things brighter!


Once in a while you’ll see one: a rusty sign in a dépanneur advertising “Beer, cider and wine.” They’re all that’s left to remind us of how popular cider once was in Québec. By 1988, the drink had fallen out of style and there wasn’t a bottle left on shelves. That’s when Michel Jodoin had the idea of creating a cider suited to modern tastes.

Convinced he could manufacture excellent cider and put his apple crop to good use, he obtained a license to brew home-made cider and made a modest start in his garage, just as his father and grandfather had done—illegally—a few decades earlier.

But Michel has always been ambitious and doesn’t do things by halves. He made the decision to focus on his products’ originality and quality by manufacturing sparkling ciders using the champagne method, which no other French producer had ever done before. He was also the first to offer rosé ciders and obtain a microdistillery permit for the manufacturing of spirits.

Closely involved in the industry, Michel Jodoin has his hand in a number of projects and committees promoting his corner of the world, and cider in general. His role in launching the Montérégie Cider Route and the Mondial des cidres de glace is a notable example.

Always at his post, Michel Jodoin supervises daily production and leads the company’s strategic planning. From project to project, he has guided his team on to constant challenges, solidifying his position as a leader in the industry.

As ambitious in life as he is in business, he has always had a penchant for adventure travel, and running in particular. In 2007, for his 50th birthday, he ran his first marathon and was hooked. His passion for the sport would subsequently take him twice to the Moroccan dessert to run the Marathon des Sables, a seven-day, 240-km supermarathon, and the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland.


Cidre makes things brighter!



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