Michel Jodoin Mistelle rosé,           Apple Liqueur, 18,5 % vol.

• Alcohol : 18.5%
• Serving temperature : 8°C
• Format : 700ml
• Category : Extra-sweet
• Composition : Geneva
• Shelf-life : 5 years

Assembly of apple "Eau-de-vie" and slightly cryoconcentrated apple juice.

Tasting notes

Visual : Without bulles and sirupy, with a strong red colour and garnet gleams.

Nose : Complex and aromatic, this cider provides candied red berry aromas.

Taste : The sweetness of the concentrated juice is extremely present since there is no
fermentation nor aging required for this product. Furthermore, the Geneva brings an
unmatched red berry taste and tartness. It feels as if you are drinking tart cherrie juice.
Needless to say, this product is a flavour bomb in your mouth!

Pairing : Excellent as is a digestive or dessert, but especially with 70% dark chocolate.



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