Michel Jodoin                                   Calijo, Apple Brandy, 40 % vol.               10 Jahre gereift

Method / Methode

Following its distillation, XO ages eight, ten or thirteen years under the attentive eye of our cellar master. These brandy comes from a batch of some casks that have been carefully chosen, leaving the others to continues again in the darkness of our cellars.

Nach seiner Destillation reift der Calijo 8, 10 oder 13 Jahre in ausgewählten Eichenfässern.


Tasting notes / Geschmacksnote

A beautiful orange-brown, this exceptional product is distinguished by a  slightly sweet bouquet. Its years of aging give XO an exceptional sweetness to the nose and palate alike, making it at once, more vanilla-scented and mellow with more concentrated perfumes.


Serving suggestion / Serviervorschläge

The Calijo is our very own answer to French Calvados. Made in the first apple microdistillery in Canada, this incomparable apple brandy should be served as a digestif (straight or on the rocks), a Trou normand or to flambé.

Der Calijo ist unsere Antwort auf französischen Calvados. Hergestellt in der ersten Apfel-Microdistillerie in Kanada, sollte dieser unvergleichliche Apfelbrandy als Digestif serviert werden (pur oder "on the rocks"), als  Trou Normand oder flambiert.


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