Michel Jodoin                                   Calijo, Apple Brandy, 40 % vol.               10 / 13 Jahre gereift

Alcohol : 40%
• Serving temperature : 19°C
• Format : 700ml
• Category : -
• Composition : McIntosh, Cortland, Empire.
• Shelf-life : Indefinitely

Fermented cider distilled in our column alembic, the "Eau-de-vie", result of the distillation process, is aged for 8, 10 or 13 years in new American oak barrels.


Peculiarity : These XO brandys being "single cask", meaning that they each come from a single oak barrel, have their own aromatic and taste characteristics.
The only common points between these brandys are the softness that only time can bring and the joy of slowly sipping it!


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