Michel Jodoin                                   Calijo, Apple Brandy, 40 % vol.,             3 Jahre gereift

• Alcohol : 40%
• Serving temperature : 19°C
• Format : 700ml
• Category : -
• Composition : McIntosh, Cortland, Empire.
• Shelf-life : Indefinitely

Fermented cider distilled in our column alembic, the "Eau-de-vie" which is a result of the
distillation process is aged for 3 years in new American oak barrels.

For each bottling cycle of our 3 year brandy, an assembly of the content of the barrels is made to achieve a constant flavour.
Our apple Brandy is the Quebec equivalent of a French Calvados.


Tasting notes

Visual : Without bulles, with a strong amber colour and orange gleams.

Nose : Robust and aromatic, this cider provides smoky wood and ripe apple aromas.

Taste : A comforting heat sensation first fills the mouth, followed by smoky wood flavours, then a hint of ripe apples and a caramelized vanilla taste lingers. These are typical flavours of American oak aging.

Pairing : Excellent as a digestive, with a strong cheese plater, but mostly, in good company!

Gewonnene Preise

2014   Bronzemedaille, International Wine & Spirits

2012   Silbermedaille, Sélections mondiales des spiritueux

2008   Bronzemedaille, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (É-U, New York)

2007   Silbermedaille, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (É-U, New York)

2006   Bronzemedaille, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (É-U, New York)

2001   Bronzemedaille, Indy International Wine Competition, (É-U, Indiana)



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