Distillerie du St.Laurent Gin, 43 % vol.

Premium Dry Gin - Inspired by the Sea


St. Laurent Gin is a craft spirit distilled in small batches in Rimouski, Québec, using only natural ingredients and no artificial colours. Made in our 380-litre still, St. Laurent Gin is vapour-infused with exotic botanicals using an uncommon double gin-basket setup, then slowly macerated with a locally hand-harvested seaweed, Laminaria Longicruris.


The complex aromas of St. Laurent Gin derive from an improbable mix of botanicals from around the world and seaweed from the St. Lawrence River.


The first sip evokes the northern pine forests (juniper berries 1) with spicy floral notes (coriander seeds 2), followed by the woodsy scent of angelica root 3 with a whiff of warm bakery aromas from cassia bark 4 and liquorice root 5. Lemon 6 and bitter orange zest 7 add a citrus nose with musky hints of pepper (cubeb berries 8 and grains of paradise 9). Laminaria longicruris 10 gives St. Laurent Gin its characteristic green tint and a soft, refreshing and slightly marine finish.


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