Shelter Point Distillery

An Artisanal Apporach


Shelter Point Distillery is, and always will be, an artisanal distillery. Right from the start, the concept has been quality over quantity, coexisting with nature and sourcing locally. This local-first philosophy extends beyond just building materials. In fact, Shelter Point is one of only a handful of distilleries that grow their own barley and distill on the same site. Virtually the only things that aren’t local are our oak barrels, which were sourced from Kentucky bourbon distillers, and the massive copper pot stills which came from Scotland. As far as our methodology goes, well, when you wait five years for a whisky to mature, you can’t help but learn to be patient. As a result, nothing is particularly hurried here. We took our time to get the distillery right, and we’re doing the same with everything else.


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