Orkney Gin Company



Gary and Andrea – our gin makers






At the Orkney Gin Company, we make our spirit the traditional way. We’re a small scale,family business, and we’re proud of our Orcadian roots.

Our gin is produced on the Isle of Burray – the ‘Broch Isle’ of Scapa Flow- using the time-honoured ‘bathtub’ or ‘cold compound’ method.

Traditional cold compounding takes time, but it’s worth it. We use only premium, seven times distilled grain spirit, infused with the very finest natural and local Orcadian botanicals. Avoiding the high temperatures used in some production methods allows a fuller botanical profile to emerge, so there’s a real flavour of the islands in our gin.

The process is labour intensive. The gin is produced in tiny micro-batches. Infusion is undertaken in stages, and we carry out constant, meticulous sampling for quality. Once the perfect balance has been achieved, we blend, filter and bottle. Hand labelling lends a personal finishing touch.

Our bottle depicts an Orkney ‘Selkie’. The Selkies are mysterious, shape-shifting creatures of Orcadian legend. In the sea, they take the form of seals. On the land, they cast aside their sealskins and emerge as beautiful young men and women, mysterious and alluring. We hope you’ll agree that this elegant Selkie woman is the perfect symbol for our unique Orcadian spirit.




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