Cidrerie Michel Jodoin

Cider makes things brighter!


1901 - A promising start

On a good October Sunday in 1901, Jean-Baptiste Jodoin bought and orchard with it’s somewhat hundred apple trees.


His son, Ernest Jodoin, inherited the family orchard in 1937 and during his lifetime acquired more land, which he later sold to his sons.  Apples will be the providing income for the family for at least four generations!


The years go by and the orchard grows…


1988 - The cider house opens!

After a rough start (about 150 bottles in the first 6 months), the tenacity and drive of Mr Jodoin pays off: 5000 bottles in 1990 going onto 100 000 in 2004!


Today - After a rough start, the cider house takes flight!

Striving to offer quality and original products, the cider house is proud to become the leader in traditional method ciders, the first microdistellerie in Canada (1999) and the biggest producer in North America of the famous red fleshed apple, the Geneva.

Many times decorated, never equaled, Michel Jodoin cider house is a must stop of the Québec Cidrerie circuit not to mention a flagship of the Canadian food supply industry.


Cider makes things brighter!



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